Setup Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to plan mobile campaigns and sell products online. We will teach you the language of marketing like CPA/CPL and conversion rates.

Create Software & Apps

Work with the most successful programmers in the industry. They will show you how to develop carrier software solutions and apps for iPhones & Android and Blackberry.

Design Web & Wap Pages

Our creative team is waiting for you. They will give you a deep insight into how to design mobile landing pages and creating mobile optimized banners.

Understand Mobile Billing

You need to learn the basics first. What is mobile billing and how can you make money with the product you sell online. We will tell you the secrets.

Communicate with Carriers

Talking to the big guys is not easy but necessary. We will show you how to sign that contracts that you need for your business and how to get the best conditions.

Learn Carrier Infrastructure

Before you can sell an app or a service you need to understand how the mobile world works. Our job is to open that door for you and explain you the source of our business.


The Boss

Chris Tomic

Show you innovative ways to burn money in the spirit of modern technologies.

PHP/Java Programmer

Igor Kutanjac

Teach you how to become Senior Vice Master of the Code, The Compiler, The Setup and the Deployment.

Business Development Manager

Ivana Bosnjak

How to be an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today.

Web Designer

Tihomir Kangler

Teach you how to be a wizard with magic toothpicks that creates the best web content ever!

Next semester starts on Monday 5th of October

Marketing Expert

40% Available 40% Complete (success)

PHP Programmer

20% Available 20% Complete

Java Programmer

60% Available 60% Complete (warning)

Web Designer

80% Available 80% Complete (danger)

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John Franich / Marketing coordinator

After working with this company for 8 months, I can only say that these guys know their job and they have a great attitude. Just loved working with them. They suprise me every time.


Linda Scott / Web designer

This team is the true meaning of productivity. My experience with them has been an absolute delight. They where pinpoint every time and offered me high quality service.