IAMT is the 1st-of-its-kind academy worldwide, offering a full spectrum of Mobile technology training courses aimed at:

  • Setup of Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Network Management
  • Programming & Software Development
  • Mobile Network Infrastructure
  • Mobile Billing and Carrier Communication

Our courses give you the opportunity to learn how to create the mobile technologies of the future. Developed by the first pioneers of this business.
With over 15 years business experience in the field of mobile marketing and new technologies, we are developing services for mobile phones including high value- added content for users.
IAMT operates in 4 continents and 12 countries such as Spain, Belgium, Croatia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Netherland, South Africa, Uganda and Columbia.


To provide cutting-edge services in mobile entertainment, offering high-quality content and innovating products to assure the international competitiveness of the company.


Our vision is to be the market leader driving this mobile revolution with smart innovations created by a highly motivated team of professionals.

Setup Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to plan mobile campaigns and sell products online. We will teach you the language of marketing like CPA/CPL and conversion rates.

Create Software & Apps

Work with the most successful programmers in the industry. They will show you how to develop carrier software solutions and apps for iPhones & Android and Blackberry.

Design Web & Wap Pages

Our creative team is waiting for you. They will give you a deep insight into how to design mobile landing pages and creating mobile optimized banners.

Understand Mobile Billing

You need to learn the basics first. What is mobile billing and how can you make money with the product you sell online. We will tell you the secrets.

Communicate with Carriers

Talking to the big guys is not easy but necessary. We will show you how to sign that contracts that you need for your business and how to get the best conditions.

Learn Carrier Infrastructure

Before you can sell an app or a service you need to understand how the mobile world works. Our job is to open that door for you and explain you the source of our business.

Our culture is supported by the following values


Working together to achieve common objectives.


Introduction of new ideas, projects, and services with high-quality standards to create value for our customers.


Honesty, responsibility and commitment on a daily basis.


Efforts towards customer service, excellence and high competitiveness.

Human Capital

Commitment to attract and develop talent.


We are looking for highly motivated new people to join our team, which are willing to dedicate themselves to this technological adventure. In return we can offer an amazing working team and environment, a fix employment (after the test period) and rapid career opportunities in a growing company.

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